Behind The Scenes Look: Kampung Admiralty

This March, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the upcoming development, Kampung Admiralty!

Kampung Admiralty will be the first of its kind – a ‘modern kampung’, which will house two blocks of Housing Board studio apartments, centres for medicine, childcare and eldercare, and shops within 11 storeys. The integrated development was first announced in 2014 and its topping out ceremony was held on 3 September 2016 to mark the completion of the main building structure.

With the development almost completed, take a sneak peek at some of the anticipated features of Kampung Admiralty!


This will be the community plaza. It will be a great space for future festive celebrations, community workouts, cultural performances, or even just hanging out with fellow neighbours!

Commercial shops will be on the 1st floor, along with the hawker centre on the 2nd floor. The Admiralty Medical Centre, run by Alexandra Health System, will be situated on the 3rd and 4th floors.


The hawker centre located on the 2nd floor, is slated to have 43 cooked food stalls and about 900 seats.


Kampung Admiralty will also contain two blocks of housing for the elderly, comprising of about 100 units. These units are specially designed to be elderly-friendly, with a retractable clothes drying system, induction stoves and resilient flooring.


A three generational playground for both the young and old, as well as a fitness corner (not pictured), are also located in front of the 2 blocks of studio apartments. Behind, you can see the vegetation and fruit trees, a major component of the Community Park on the 4th floor.


We can’t wait for Kampung Admiralty to be completed! Stay connected with us at Kampung Sembawang for the latest updates on developments in Sembawang GRC.

This behind-the-scenes feature of Kampung Admiralty was brought to you by Kampung Sembawang and the Housing Development Board (HDB).  


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